Embird 2017 New Features



  • New option "Options > Add Aligning Stitches Automatically" added, allowing to automatically add aligning stitches after splitting of object.
  • New command "Insert > Aligning Stitches on Chosen Point" added, allowing to click any point on Work Area to prescribe aligning point for selected objects.
  • New command "Insert > Small Cross" added, allowing to insert small cross on Work Area, which might be used for aligning, etc.Support for Janome Cutwork Needles 1-4 and Viking Cutwork Needles 1-4 added to color popup menu in Editor.


  • New thread catalogs added: Gunold Poly, Gunold Silk, Gunold Sulky, Gunold Filaine, Gunold COTTY, Gunold COTTY-Zusatz.

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