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I taught the following classes at the Everything Embroidery Market in Chattanooga, TN April 22nd & 23rd 2016.

Class #1 - Getting to Know & Selecting Embroidery Software [Monogram Wizard Plus, Embird, SewWhat-Pro, SewArt & SewWrite]

  • Types of Embroidery Software
  • Features of Monogram Wizard Plus, Embird, SewWhat-Pro, SewArt & SewWrite
  • Combinations of programs that work well together and make sense for you - whether you only embroider for yourself or you have an embroidery business

Class #2 - Intermediate to Advanced Embroidery Software Techniques [SewWhat-Pro, Monogram Wizard Plus & Extended Features for MWP] 

Monogram Wizard Plus & Extended Features

  • Spacing Adjustments [between letters, words and lines]
  • Density & Boldness Adjustments
  • Styles - save Preferred Settings as a Style
  • Ext Features
    • Merge/Combine Imported Letters for Names/Monograms


  • Merge/Combine Letters for names/monograms
  • Splitting Large Designs for Multiple Hoops
  • Density & Boldness Adjustments
  • Applique Cutout Tool
  • Border Tool

 Click HERE for access to the class notes from EEM 2016

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