New to Embroidery

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your first embroidery machine! It's such a fun and exciting purchase. You have what you need to make personalized gifts, embroider for your family and maybe even start a business.

We get asked a lot of questions, so we thought a page dedicated to new users would be a handy tool. We've included basic information below to help with selecting the right stabilizer, thread, needles, and embroidery designs. Plus, how to applique and so, so much more!

Happy Stitching!

~ Angie

The very basics without any details...

  • Stabilizer is KEY ~ if your item isn't stable, the quality of the stitchout will suffer.
  • Stabilizer - Poly Mesh & cutaway are best for t-shirts and polos. Tearaway will probably be your "go-to" stabilizer for nearly everything else. Note: add a sheet or 2 if needed to make your item more stable.
  • Thread - 40 weight polyester thread is the standard thread.
  • Needles - 80/12 sharp & 80/12 ball point will be the most used needles.
  • Embroidery designs - pay attention to the details ~ especially size. Don't buy a bunch of designs that you can't use because you don't have the right size hoop.

Basics that our customers wish they had known when they were newbies ~ great tips!

The basics with links to more information than you probably have time to read :)



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