About Us

Thanks so much for stopping by!  My name is Angie and I started AKDesigns Boutique a few years ago. We are a small family business that I run and my husband and daughter help me with. I feel very fortunate to have found something that I love to do that others can use. I love that I can offer fun and unique embroidery designs at an affordable price to my fellow embroiderers'.

In late 2008, we became a reseller for S&S Computing & Embird. We are happy to offer all of their software programs and add-ons. They are very good embroidery programs for a great cost!

In early 2009, we started offering embroidery supplies and that has been a big hit. We keep our profit margins low and shipping costs down so that we can pass along as many savings as possible to our customers!

In July 2009, we became an authorized reseller for Monogram Wizard Plus products. This decision was made because they just released their Extended Features Pack that allows users to import designs {like mine} that aren't part of Monogram Wizard Plus. This gives the user a lot more flexibility and was a good fit for us ~ now our customers can mix and match Monogram Wizard Plus fonts and monograms with our frames and designs to make very cute and original products.

I'm often asked how I started digitizing and where I get my ideas, so I've answered those questions below.

How I got started ~ I started digitizing shortly after I purchased my first embroidery machine and realized that I couldn't find cute, affordable designs I wanted at my local sewing center or online, so I came up with my own designs.

Where I get my ideas ~ I'm inspired by so many things; fabric, magazine pictures, clothing, my daughter, etc. When I see something that catches my eye, I use it as inspiration for my next embroidery design. I use my original artwork, my daughter's original artwork, and purchased artwork [exclusive and non-exclusive].

Below is an example of a piece of original artwork, finished embroidery design and an animated stitch out of embroidery design.