About Us

Thanks so much for stopping by!  My name is Angie and I started AKDesigns Boutique in 2005. We are a small family business that I run and my husband and daughter help me with. I feel very fortunate to have found something that I love to do that others can use. I love that I can offer fun and unique embroidery designs at an affordable price to my fellow embroiderers'.

In late 2008, we became a reseller for S&S Computing & Embird. We are happy to offer all of their software programs and add-ons. They are very good embroidery programs for a great cost!

I'm often asked how I started digitizing and where I get my ideas, so I've answered those questions below.

How I got started ~ I started digitizing shortly after I purchased my first embroidery machine and realized that I couldn't find cute, affordable designs I wanted at my local sewing center or online, so I came up with my own designs.

Where I get my ideas ~ I'm inspired by so many things; fabric, magazine pictures, clothing, my daughter, etc. When I see something that catches my eye, I use it as inspiration for my next embroidery design. I use my original artwork, my daughter's original artwork, and purchased artwork [exclusive and non-exclusive].

Below is an example of a piece of original artwork, finished embroidery design and an animated stitch out of embroidery design.





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