Repeat Customer Discount

Repeat Customers Receive Additional 10% Off All Orders:

  • This discount is automatically applied to your order AND everything in the store is included! You will be able to see the discount in your cart like the picture that's below. PLUS, this discount is applied even if you have a coupon code that you're using [like "Bundle40" for 40% Off Bundle Deals or "Embroidery30" for 30% Off Embroidery Designs].
    Have fun shopping!


  • Is your Repeat Discount not being applied?
    • Did you add items to your cart before logging into your account? If so, you may need to empty your cart, make sure you're logged in [the "Sign In" link at the top of the page will read "Sign Out" while you're logged in your account], then add the items again.
    • Was your last purchase before June 2011? If so, you have not made a purchase from this new website and there's no way for the system to recognize you as a returning customer. The system is only able to recognize a return [repeat] customer if you make a purchase on this system while logged in to your account. So, the easiest way around this is to e-mail me and I'll give you a 10% Off Coupon Code for your first purchase on this system, then all of your following purchases will receive the automatic 10% Off.


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