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Zoom Control [August 2015]

I just did the update to my Sew What Pro software so it is now running 4.0.6 and I am very frustrated that I can no longer zoom in and out to view the full image. Could you tell me if this is going to be fixed? I purchased the software from AKDesigns several months ago and have absolutely loved it, and when I saw the update I have continually hesitated to download it but tonight I did and now I really regret it. I would really appreciate any help I can get with this.

The zoom feature on the new version of SWP has changed, but it’s still there :) There’s a slider zoom in the status pane at the bottom right of the screen. In SWP, if you go to Help, then Help Topics, click on the Search tab, then type Zoom and enter - you'll see help for the new zoom control.

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