Embird 2015 is here!!

Embird 2015 is here!!

Posted by Angie - Owner AKDesigns Boutique on 17th Feb 2015

Embird 2015 is available now!

Have you been looking for embroidery editing software? Embird might be just what you're looking for!
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Do you have Embird, but want to upgrade to the new 2015 version? To determine which version you have, just open Embird, click on Help, then About. I've listed the pricing below and all you need to do is send me an e-mail (customerservice@akdesignsboutique.com) and I will send a paypal invoice because the upgrades aren't available to purchase on the website at this time.

Upgrade from Embird 2012 or 2013 to Embird 2015 - Free of charge
Upgrade from Embird 2008 or 2010 to Embird 2015 - $19.00
Upgrade from Embird 2006 to Embird 2015 - $34.00
Upgrade from Embird 2003 and 2004 to Embird 2015 - $63.00
Upgrade from Embird Plus 7.x to Embird 2015 - $78.00
Upgrade from Embird 6.x or older to Embird 2015 - $93.00


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