SewWhat-Pro, Embird, and Monogram Wizard Plus Embroidey Software Comparison

SewWhat-Pro, Embird, and Monogram Wizard Plus Embroidey Software Comparison

Posted by Angie - AKDesigns Boutique on 15th Mar 2016

SewWhat-Pro, Embird, and Monogram Wizard Plus Embroidery Software Comparison

Please Read First ~ This document is not meant to replace your research of each embroidery software option that is available to you. This is just a quick list meant to help with determining which software program might best fit your needs now and in the future. The list of features provided is not a full list of features for any of the embroidery programs.

SewWhat Pro and Embird are both embroidery software programs that are primarily used to combine, edit, and resize purchased designs [designs purchased on the internet - like mine, and your local sewing center].

Monogram Wizard Plus is monogramming software that is used to primarily to build names and monograms using the built-in alphabets and motifs or the alphabets that are sold separately that are made specifically for MWP. One of the great things about this program is that they made it so that the letters can be made almost any size [small to large] - this makes it very versatile. At the same time, you are limited to the fonts that they include and sell - they have a lot of nice fonts and basic fonts, but certainly not everything you will ever want or need.

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*Extended Features Pack is an add-on for Monogram Wizard Plus that gives you more versatility. It allows you to import external designs [designs and fonts not created by MWP - like mine]. For example - you can import one of my font frames, then build a monogram or name inside of it very easily. The only thing it doesn't allow is resizing - whatever you import has to be the exact size you plan to stitch because you can't resize it once it's imported.

*Font Engine is an add-on for Embird that allows you to convert any TTF [True Type Font] to embroidery stitches.

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