Tip ~ Resizing Designs

Posted by Angie - Owner AKDesigns Boutique on 7th Dec 2014

Please keep in mind that just because your embroidery software will allow you to resize a design to half its size does not mean that it will stitch well. Please keep all of points below in mind when resizing designs.

  • The rule of thumb is that you can resize a design 20% larger or smaller and it should still stitch well.
  • When resizing a design with your software or embroidery machine, the software decides where the stitches will be in the larger/smaller version, so it's no longer the design that was purchased.
  • Since resizing a design is in essence creating a new design that hasn't been tested yet, you'll want to run a test stitch before you stitch it on something important.
  • All designs resize differently and all software re-sizes differently, so the 20% rule is just a guideline.
  • Any time you are resizing or editing designs, ensure that you are working with a copy so that you don’t modify the original design.
  • Resizing can cause bird's nests, thread breaks & needle breaks. Let's assume you made a font 50% smaller and your software left too many stitches in the design, so it was just too dense. Then, depending on what you're stitching on and how it's stabilized, this can easily cause a "bird's nest" [sometimes caused by your needle trying to make too many penetrations too close together] and bird's nests can easily cause your needle to break.
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER:There are so many variables with every stitch out that when problems arise, you have to be an investigator to determine what part of the process went wrong. These tips are meant to help you along the way :)

I hope this helps!



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